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How Maintenance-minded are you?

| 1:26 MIN READ |

Maintenance is a very important activity. To “maintain” something is, “to preserve it from failure or decline; to sustain it against opposition or danger; to uphold and defend.” But because maintenance involves work it’s often avoided. Many people would rather go for “low-maintenance living.” We like low maintenance homes, low maintenance cars, low maintenance jobs, and low maintenance relationships. The less maintenance the better!

Lack of maintenance comes at a cost. It’s the “pay now or pay later” principle. When we neglect maintenance, we pay through problems, pain and repairs. Neglecting duties and ignoring responsibilities will lead us to miss wonderful opportunities. How many marriages, friendships, businesses and careers have slowly decayed and disintegrated because of a lack of maintenance?

Great blessings come when we are maintenance-minded people in all areas of life. God calls us to live this way in Proverbs 27:18 (NIV) “He who tends a fig tree will eat its fruit …” Notice that the rewards of enjoying the fruit of a tree goes to the one who tends it. Tending is maintenance work. It’s unglamorous, daily, routine, mundane work. But without it, forget enjoying the benefits. Investment always precedes increase!

What areas of your life, your marriage, your work, your health — your life — are suffering from a lack of maintenance? Start tending the “tree” and you’ll enjoy some fresh, new fruit!

Pastor Dale