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How to Make Yourself Miserable

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A fast way to misery is through comparison. When you compare your circumstances, opportunities, experiences and resources to others, you’ll never be happy. There will always be someone who seems smarter, more popular, more likable, wealthier, enjoying life more fully than you.

Comparison is a social epidemic. It’s creating lots of frustrated people. Social media is contributing to this. Viewing the social feeds of friends and acquaintances we see their lives as far more exciting and fulfilling than our own. Their children look perfect. Their meals look delicious. Their vacations look fabulous. Overall, their lives seem so much better than our own! What we fail to remember is that social media feeds are usually the highlight reel of a person’s life. We don’t see the ugly, mundane, and plain parts of their lives. Comparing our lives to others is unfair to us and to them.

Jesus addressed this issue in Peter’s life. After Jesus explained what kind of life and death Peter would experience, Peter immediately went into comparison mode. Take a look at his interaction with Jesus in John 21:20-22 (TLB) “Peter turned around and saw the disciple Jesus loved following … Peter asked Jesus, ‘What about him, Lord? What sort of death will he die?’ Jesus replied, ‘If I want him to live until I return, what is that to you? You follow

Jesus had to adjust Peter’s thinking. He fell into the same trap we frequently fall into. He was worried about John, when he should have focused his attention on himself and his relationship with Jesus.

Do you want to be happy? Stop the comparisons and your joy will increase!

Pastor Dale