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Upbeat or Downbeat?

| 1:25 min read |

In music there’s a difference in an upbeat and a downbeat. Upbeats and downbeats set the rhythm of a song.

These musical terms are often used to describe our emotional rhythms also. When we’re happy, positive and cheerful, we’re upbeat. When we’re discouraged, down and gloomy, we’re downbeat.

You can improve your life by becoming more upbeat. This happens when we get rid of the thoughts, attitudes and words that bring us and others down.

Nothing brings us down faster than grumbling and complaining. When these become habitual, we consistently view life through negative lenses. This robs us of joy, faith and hope. It makes us unpleasant to be around. It hinders our progress and restricts our productivity.

This is why the Bible warns us about these patterns. Look at Philippians 2:14 (TPT) “Live a cheerful life, without complaining or division among yourselves.”

It’s interesting that we’re told that a cheerful life is actually a choice we make. It’s determined, in large part, by the amount of complaining we do. Complaining steals our cheer.

Complaining can easily become a habit. And like any habit, it can be changed. Stopping this bad habit starts with awareness. Are you a complainer? Do you spend a significant portion of your life grumbling? Are you an upbeat person or a downbeat person? Stop the complaining and you’ll change the course of your life and relationships.

Pastor Dale