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It Doesn’t Take Much

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Sometimes the biggest miracles begin with the smallest things. Human life begins at conception with the union of microscopic cells. Great relationships start with an initial, and often brief introduction. Massive trees providing landscape beauty come from tiny seeds. With God, little is big!

There’s a wonderful story from the life of Jesus illustrating this principle. Jesus invested a day teaching a large crowd. 5,000 men were present, plus women and children. Jesus instructed His disciples to feed this massive group. The 12 disciples were concerned with this request. They combed through the crowd for food and discovered one little boy with a lunchbox. They had a grand total of 5 small loaves of bread and a couple of fish. The disciples called a quick meeting and decided to suggest an alternative plan to Jesus. Look at their recommendation to Jesus found in Mark 6:36 (TPT) “You should send the crowds away so they can go into the surrounding villages and buy food for themselves.”

These fellows meant well, but they didn’t understand what Jesus wanted to do. He wanted to teach us a lasting principle. Jesus asked about the resources the disciples found in the crowd. Notice what happened next; Mark 6:39-42 (TPT) “Then he instructed them to organize the crowd and have them sit down in groups on the grass … Then Jesus took the five loaves and two fish, gazed into heaven, and gave thanks to God. He broke the bread and the two fish and distributed them to his disciples to serve the people — and the food was multiplied in front of their eyes! Everyone had plenty to eat and was fully satisfied.”

Jesus took a little and turned it into a lot. He taught us a great lesson. Don’t spend time worrying about what you don’t have, or the little you do have. Remember what God can do! It doesn’t take much for a miracle to happen when you give what you have to Him!

Pastor Dale