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It’s Common Sense!

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Imagine with me that we are outside in a parking lot holding a ball. If we were to throw the ball into midair, common sense says gravity will bring the ball back down to the ground. We don’t have to wonder or ask God if that’s true. We know it’s true. It’s common sense.

One of the ways God wants to guide us is through what I’ll call sanctified common sense. We all have been gifted with a brain and common sense. God uses the Bible and the Holy Spirit to inform and shape our thinking.

One of the struggles we all face at times is allowing our emotions to guide our decisions. God wants us to think before we make decisions. Proverbs 13:16 (NLT) gives us vital insight, “Wise people think before they act; fools don’t—and even brag about their foolishness.”

Don’t let your feelings be your guide. Today, allow God to sanctify your common sense. He will empower you by the Holy Spirit to make better decisions!

Pastor Dale