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Lane Changes

| 1:45 MIN READ |

Making proper lane changes is a vital part of safe driving. Newer vehicles are often equipped with lane assistance technology. A warning activates when you begin drifting into another lane, or when you’re about to make an unwise lane change.

In life, we often drift into other people’s lanes, mentally and emotionally. It’s called comparison. It happens when we start looking at the successes, advantages, possessions, and positions of other people and compare these with our own. We’re never the winner when we do this. All it creates is misery. It drives jealousy and envy, which poisons our soul. Take a look at this warning about comparison and the jealousy it generates in Proverbs 27:4 (NLT) “Anger is cruel, and wrath like a flood, but jealousy is even more dangerous.” The Message paraphrase reads, “We’re blasted by anger and swamped by rage, but who can survive jealousy?”

On the highway, drifting unaware into another person’s lane can be fatal to you and others. It’s true in the spiritual and emotional realm too. When you start comparing yourself with someone else, you drift out of your life lane into trouble. You get your eyes off of the path you’re called to live. You lose focus and passion for your life. You become enamored with what you perceive as a better lane than your own.

The truth is, other lanes always looks better than the one we’re on. We fail to understand this critical fact, every road has potholes and problems. There are no perfect lanes in life. In fact, it’s likely that the person in the lane you envy is actually envying you!

The lesson? Get in your lane. Run your race. Don’t waste energy worrying about or comparing yourself with others. Stay in the lane God designed for you!

Pastor Dale