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Letting Go

For many people, a happy life is linked to and dependent on getting. It’s about having and holding on to things we want and value.  Sometimes the things we long for are material; sometimes they are emotional; sometmes they are relational.  The unspoken mantra is, “I’ll be happy when I get ______________ or when I have ________________ .”

While having and holding on to good things is a part of joy in life, it’s not the only part.  Often our joy levels are affected more significantly by what we let go of than by what get and hold on to.  In fact, if we don’t learn to let go of certain things, misery is guaranteed!

To live a joyful, peaceful life, here are some of the things we must learn to let go of:

  • Our worries and fears.
  • Our hurts, anger, disappointments, losses, regrets and resentments.
  • Our drive to control life and change other people.
  • Our inappropriate, unrealistic and immature expectations of life and others.
  • Our pride and stubbornness.
  • Our sinful, selfish, negative and critical thinking.
  • Our attempts to play God.

These are only a few of the things we hold on to that loot our life of happiness, peace and joy.  You might want to create your own list.  What things are you holding on to that are making your life miserable?

While we usually have little to no ability to get and hold on to all the things we think will make us happy, we do have the power to let go of the things that deplete and destroy happiness.   Our time and energies would be more productively spent focusing on letting go rather than getting or holding on to!  This is the much faster path to happiness!

What are you holding on to that is eroding your happiness, peace and joy?  Go ahead and let go! Pastor Dale