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Loyal Friends

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What kind of friend do you most appreciate?

Friendships come in two categories — fair-weather friends and rainy-day friends. The differences are worth considering.

Fair-weather friends are people who come into your life with an agenda. They perceive that you have something they want. It might be influence, prestige, position or possessions, but they’re looking for a connection with you because it might benefit them. Folks like this are not always evil or destructive, they’re merely self-focused. As a general rule, once they get what they want, or discover you don’t have what they’re looking for, they are on their way to the next “friendship.”

The rainy-day friend is the person who’s not looking for what they get from you but desires to give, bless, help, support and encourage you. They’re with you when the sun’s shining and when the storms are raging. They’re loyal and trustworthy.

Take a look at the following verse that points to these two categories of friends in Proverbs 20:6 (TPT) “Many will tell you they’re your loyal friends, but who can find one who is truly trustworthy?”

One of the principles of life is the law of attraction. We tend to attract what we are. It’s not always the case, but when it comes to friendships, it’s important to ponder. If we’re fair-weather friends to others, the odds are that we’ll attract the same to us. And, if we are committed to others as true, rainy-day friends could it be that people with a similar heart will be drawn in our direction?

What lessons do we learn from all this? Three simple ones. First, set boundaries for fair-weather friends. Second, value your rainy-day friends. Third, be a loyal friend!

Pastor Dale