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Managing Your Anger – Part 2

| 1:27 min read |

Has anger ever gotten the best of you? The answer is likely, yes for most, if not all of us.

Anger is one of the most dangerous and destructive emotions we can experience. It produces bad actions, poor decisions, hurtful words, and broken relationships. The effects of a brief moment of anger can impact us for a lifetime.

How do we handle anger so that it doesn’t get the best of us? It’s helpful to learn to sort through our anger.

When anger shows up in your life, it’s much like a garbage truck backing up and dumping piles of emotional trash into your soul. In these moments, we’re overwhelmed with frustration, irritation, and offense. Our initial angry thoughts multiple into a barrage of bad thoughts and feelings. In a very short time, we’re lost in the mess or these emotions and begin reacting in hurtful ways.

When this happens, we need to engage our emotional emergency brakes and quickly sort through the trash we’ve allowed into our hearts and minds. We need to think through what is causing our anger. Are we angry because:

  • Our pride has been offended?
  • We’re not getting our way?
  • We feel threatened or intimidated?
  • We’re hurt?
  • We’re jealous?
  • We’re misunderstood or judged?
  • We’re blocked from our objective or desires?

It’s amazing how few people take the time to analyze the roots of their anger. When you know why you’re angry, you are better prepared to know how to overcome it!

Pastor Dale