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Never Forget!

Some things are forgettable. They’re not worth remembering. Their impact on our lives is so insignificant that they easily slip from memory.

Other things in life should be intentionally forgotten. The memory of them is destructive, restrictive, debilitating, burdensome and painful. Nothing beneficial comes from thinking about them. These things are best left behind, and actually must be left behind if we’re going to go forward in life.

There are other things that must never be forgotten — eternal, important, inspirational truths, insights, and lessons learned that make us wiser and better. They’re some things we must never let go of, if we’re going to have blessed and joyous lives.

As believers in Jesus, we must never forget:

The great and amazing love God has for us — we’re totally loved and accepted by Him.

The joy of having our sins forgiven — no more guilt and shame.

The presence of the Holy Spirit living in us — we have the God-given gift of strength on the inside.

The promise of life forever with God — no fear of death.

The supernatural, life-changing power of God’s Word — we have all the resources we need.

The confidence and assurance that nothing is too hard or impossible with God — we have a reason for hope and faith.

That we’re never alone — Jesus is always with us.

That God created us for a purpose and has put us in a place to make a difference — we’re important to God’s plan in the world!

Believer, there are some things you must never forget!

Pastor Dale