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Passing the Test of Blessing

| 1:28 min read |

How do you handle the good times in life? As surely as life has its share of heartache and adversity, there are also moments of blessing. God blesses us with miracle moments and seasons. At any time, God can break into your world and pour out blessing on you.

The Israelites experienced a miracle moment as they crossed the Red Sea. In a matter of 24-hours, their lives were completely and positively changed. In a few short hours, they went from slaves to free. They were blessed by God. Their prayers were answered!

It’s been said that the two greatest tests of character are the test of adversity and the test of prosperity. When life is hard, our character is tested. And when life is blessed, we’re tested.

When life is blessed, it’s important to guard yourself against 4 specific temptations:

  • Your humility will be tested. If you are going through a good season in life, make sure and stay humble.
  • Your priorities will be tested. When life is good it’s easy to let other things become more important than God.
  • Your passion for God — your love and the intense need of Him in your life will be tested. You know you need God when life is hard, but you also need Him when life is good.
  • Your generosity will be put to the test. It’s sad to see how people become less generous after God has blessed them abundantly. Don’t let blessings in your life rob you of a generous spirit.

Guard your heart when life is good. Pass the test of blessing!

Pastor Dale