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The Purpose of Blessings

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There are two main tests of a person’s character: adversity and prosperity.

Some folks don’t survive tough times. In the midst of difficulty, they give up and bail out on God and others. The opposite is true also. Seasons of blessing can also ruin people. Just as we need to be on guard in the tough times of life, we need to be spiritually guarded in the good times of life.

Understanding why God gives blessings to us helps us guard our hearts in the good times. Here are 7 reasons God blesses you:

● To show you how much He loves you.
● To remind you of His grace and power.
● To prepare you for future opportunities.
● To resource you so that you can bless His Kingdom and others.
● To encourage other people.
● To encourage you to love and obey Him in a deeper way.
● To grow you as a worshiper.

God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, across the Red Sea into the Promised Land because He loved them and had a future for them. There was purpose behind His blessing.

There’s purpose behind your blessings too. Don’t lose sight of it!

Pastor Dale