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Placed On Purpose

Who has God placed in your life, and why are they there?

We all live life with and around people. No matter how reclusive a person might be, some connection with others is required. As the old saw says, “no one is an island.”

To have a healthy and happy life, we must build strong relationships with the people God places around us. This involves making investments in them and giving of ourselves to them.

One of the greatest ways we can do this is through prayer. When we accept the role and responsibility to pray for other people, we find new meaning and purpose for our own lives.

Look around you. Who do you see? A spouse? A child? A grandchild? A co-worker? A friend? A neighbor? A business acquaintance? Each of these people needs prayer — and you have been assigned the privilege to pray for them!

Make a prayer list of people you want and need to pray for. Ask the Lord to help you know how to pray for them. Trust the Holy Spirit to guide you as you pray. Pray for them regularly and expectantly — with faith. Watch God work!

Pastor Dale