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Redeeming Your Regrets

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Do you have any regrets? One origin of the word “regret” means to weep. “RE” = continue. “GRET” = weep. We might say that regret is to keep weeping over something you have done or experienced, or some choice you have made. Regret is an ongoing reminder of a mistake or failure.

There are lots of people who live in regret. They continue to weep, perhaps without physical tears, but certainly in their hearts and minds, over certain decisions in the past. They regularly and painfully revisit their foolish moments and choices.

The reality is, everyone has regrets. No one has lived a perfect life, made perfect decisions, or been completely wise. Everybody has foolish moments, bad choices and experiences in their past. How do we move past our past regrets?

One of the names of God is the answer! The psalmist described a group of people who had some significant regrets and the remembrance that freed them from their regrets. Take a look at Psalm 78:35 (NIV) “They remembered that God was their Rock, that God Most High was their Redeemer.”

In the midst of their regrets, these folks remembered one of the names of God — REDEEMER! We need to remember this too!

God is able to redeem our regrets. He is able to take our failures and transform them into valuable lessons. He is the God who redeems the ashes of our lives and makes something beautiful out of them!

Do you have any regrets? Remember, God is your Redeemer!

Pastor Dale