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Say “Thanks!”

Two “magic” words: Please and Thanks! They’re called “magic” not because they possess some mystical quality, but because they actually have the power to change an environment. When these words are spoken, something happens. Hearts open. Bridges are built. Requests are granted. Tension is reduced. Thoughtfulness is expressed. Appreciation is felt. These words always make things better. And sincerely speaking them makes you better!

While “please” is a “front end” word, going before a request, “thanks” is a “back end” word following someone’s kind, gracious or generous actions to you. “Please” is often about you – getting what you want. “Thanks” is always about someone else. It’s a verbal acknowledgement of what another person has done on your behalf, and for your good. It requires a recognition of the benefits you receive from the care or sacrifice of others.

To genuinely say “thanks,” you must first do some thinking. Actually our English word for “thanks” comes from the word “think.” You can’t thank without thinking! When you thank someone you’re actually saying, “I remember what you have done for me. I’ve spent some time considering the benefits I have received from you, and I am grateful to you and grateful for you!”

Think for moment. What blessings do you enjoy in your life because of the care, kindness, generosity, investment and sacrifice of others? Who has made, or is making a positive difference in your life? Who has made or is making your life better? Now turn your “thinking” into “thanking.” And don’t forget where to start:


“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.” — Psalm 118:1 (NLT)

Say: Thanks! Gracias! Merci! Grazie! Obrigado! Danke sehr! Todah! Arigato! Spasibo! Efharisto! Mahalo! Shukran! Asante! Dankie! Me daa si! …

Pastor Dale