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Showing Good Sense

Perhaps one of the greatest compliments you could ever give someone is to identify them as a person with “good sense.” It’s a term that refers to a unique set of character qualities, life skills and decision-making abilities that, more often than not, causes someone to respond the right way to whatever life sends them.  We call them “sensible.”

People like this don’t get rattled by rough and tough times, the real world of relationship challenges or the rut of everyday living.  They maintain their senses.  They show understanding, predictability, steadiness, unflappability, consistency and sincerity in their commitments, interactions and responses.  They can be counted on for their solidity and prudence.  They show discretion and discernment, tact and tenderness.  Nothing about them is mercurial or fickle.  They go about their duties with an internal quietness and rest that is admirable and enviable.

The Bible has lot to say to us about being a person who shows good sense. Let’s take a look at a verse that highlights one quality of someone like this:

“Sensible people control their temper …”  —  Proverbs 19:11 (NLT)

“A person with good sense is patient …”  —  Proverbs 19:11 (GW)

“Smart people [sensible people] know how to hold their tongue …”  —  Proverbs 19:11 (Msg)

According to this passage, sensible people have learned how to control their temperament and tongue!

A person’s temperament describes the way they emotionally handle life.  Think “temperature.” A temperamental person responds emotionally to life events rather than in a measured,  thoughtful way.  Their emotional temperature rises quickly, whether the emotion is anger, impatience, disappointment, jealousy, hurt, pressure or whatever.  This rising emotional temperature is not always evident externally, but it does take over internally, leading to decisions and actions that are rash, often rushed and always imprudent.

Eventually, a rising emotional temperature is revealed through a person’s words.  Our tongue always shows the thoughts and condition of our inner lives — of the temperature of our hearts.  When we’re hot on the inside, our tongue tells they tale.  We scorch people with the heat of our unfiltered, uncontrolled feelings.

What about you?  Would people describe you as sensible, based on the Bible’s definition?  If not, ask God to help you get a handle on your temperament and tongue.  Decide to show good sense!

Pastor Dale