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Small But Huge

Never underestimate the power and rewards of kindness.  Serving others in small ways can open big doors in your life.

This truth is illustrated all through the Bible.  One example is found in the life of Moses.

Moses was rescued from the Nile River as a baby and taken in by the Egyptian Pharaoh’s daughter.  Although he was a Hebrew, Moses was raised as an Egyptian.  When Moses grew up, he became more aware and concerned about the terrible conditions of slavery the Hebrews were experiencing.  On one particular day, he noticed an Egyptian beating up a Hebrew slave.  Moses, angered by this injustice, killed the Egyptian.  He then had to flee for his life into the desert of Midian to avoid the punishment of Pharaoh.

Scripture tells us about his arrival in Midian.  Moses found a well there and set down to rest and refresh himself from his journey.  At some point, a group of shepherdesses — seven sisters — showed up to water their father’s sheep.  At about the same time a group of shepherds arrived and, wanting the water for themselves and their animals, drove these young ladies away.

Moses observed all of this and stepped in with acts of kindness.  Take a look at what the Bible says he did:

” … Moses jumped up and rescued the girls from the shepherds.  Then he drew water for their flocks.”  —  Exodus 2:17 (NLT)

Moses, in that moment, responded by protecting the girls.  He then went a step further.  He did something that was totally unexpected or required.  He drew water for the young ladies’ flocks.  He went the “second mile.” He performed, what seems like, some very small acts of kindness.

But these acts paid big dividends.  When the sisters went home, they reported Moses’ deeds to their father, Jethro.  Jethro immediately sent for Moses, inviting him to come and eat at his house.  It was Jethro’s way of showing appreciation for what Moses had done.  Fast forward in time and you’ll see that Moses eventually married one of Jethro’s daughters, was given responsibility over Jethro’s flocks, and benefited greatly from the advice this sage God brought into his life.

All of these good things happened to Moses because he did something kind for someone else.  God’s plan for his life unfolded as a result of his willingness to help seven young women with their sheep!  Think about all the blessings he would have missed if he had ignored this opportunity to serve others.  He could have sat by the well, sulking in his own self-pity, and ignored the need God placed before him.  He didn’t.  And because He didn’t, he was blessed!

What about us?  How often does the Lord allow us opportunities to serve others with acts of kindness, and for whatever reasons we miss the moment or refuse to step up and help.  You never know what act of kindness you perform for someone else might be the key that opens the door to God’s provision and blessings for your future.

Remember, serving others in small ways can bring huge blessings!

Pastor Dale