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How stubborn are you?

Sadly there are some folks who don’t understand the downside of stubbornness. They wear their willfulness like a badge of honor; preening with pride about being their “own person.” They live life “their way” no matter the consequences, and irregardless of the pain their choices create for others.

A quick look at a thesaurus gives us an understanding of the ugliness of a stubborn spirit. Synonyms for stubbornness include:

•   Bullheaded. •   Pigheaded.
•   Cantankerous. •   Headstrong.
•   Stiff-necked. •   Intractable.
•   Unmanageable. •   Rebellious.

What a list of unflattering terms!

Stubborn people usually have a tough time in life, especially in relationships. They are impossible to lead, correct and instruct. Unfortunately, they are also blinded by their stubbornness. They place responsibility for their difficulties and conflicts on others by deflecting, justifying, and blaming. Stubborn people plow through life leaving a wake of problems behind.

In the Old Testament book of Jeremiah we see a snapshot of some very stubborn folks. Jeremiah the prophet warned these people time after time that they were going to pay a high price for their sinful behavior. Their response was interesting.

Take a look at what they said to Jeremiah:

“We will not listen to your messages from the Lord! We will do whatever we want … ” –– Jeremiah 44:16, 17 (NLT)

Without blinking an eye, these folks resisted the message that could and would have saved them. They were determined to live life “their way.” And just as Jeremiah promised, it ultimately cost them greatly. Their stubbornness destroyed them.

How stubborn are you?

It’s important to remember that stubbornness is a trait that brings trouble. Ask God to help you recognize and deal with it in your life!

Pastor Dale