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sweetIt’s a word we often hear, and perhaps use regularly. It finds its way into our conversations when we’re describing food, a certain person’s personality, or some event or circumstance we’re really happy about. “Sweet!”

Most of us would benefit from becoming a bit “sweeter.” Sweetening your personality will do you good, and be a great blessing to others. A “sweet” person isn’t sour, acidic, salty or offensive. They add a nice flavor to all environments. They’re gracious, amiable, easily managed and pleasing.

Here’s a simple way to think about increasing your “sweetness:”

S = Become more sensitive to God and others.

Sensitive people are tactful. They’re aware of needs and environments. They easily pick up on spiritual and emotional cues and adjust their actions and interactions accordingly.

W = Become more winsome.

A winsome person is agreeable, not contentious, argumentative or peevish. They bring joy, cheer and pleasure. They practice being warm and charming.

E = Become more enlightened.

An enlightened person is someone who is “living in the light.” They’re in good standing with God. They also are self-aware. They’re quick to see and admit their personal weaknesses and issues. They possess a good degree of emotional intelligence, and continue to learn everything they can about God, themselves and others. They’re constantly stretching and growing as human beings. They work to be and bring their best always.

E = Be more encouraging.

An encouraging person puts hope, courage, spirit and strength into others. They’re faith and growth stimulators. They’re a positive catalyst. They add value to people instead of draining them. They relieve the tension and anxiety that hinder the advance of others.

T = Be more thoughtful.

A thoughtful person spends time and invests energy in thinking. They take time to reflect about themselves and their own spiritual and emotional condition. They self-check and self-regulate their own attitudes, words and actions. They also think about the well-being of others. Thoughtful people anticipate others’ needs, wishes and desires, and are proactive in meeting them. They’re attentive, considerate, kind and reflective.

When you become more sensitive, winsome, enlightened, encouraging and thoughtful, you’ll become a “sweeter” person, and you’ll add “sweetness” everywhere you go!

Pastor Dale