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Teach – able!

What have you learned lately?

Learning is a prerequisite to growing. It’s one of the most important activities we can engage in.

President Harry Truman said, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

This statement identifies one of the greatest hindrances to learning — pride!

One of the marks of pride is resistance to instruction. Prideful people are unteachable. They’re stubborn and resistant to input, direction and development. They’re set in their attitudes, thinking and ways.

People who “know it all” are not only irritating to be around, they’re hurting themselves. Without realizing it, they continue living in a world of their own ignorance. They never grow, never change, and never completely fulfill their God-designed purpose. Their closed-ness to instruction and helpful input limits them, and usually leads them to unwise decisions.

What’s the antidote for the “know it all?” True humility!

True humility is demonstrated in many ways, but it most certainly includes a teachable spirit. Teachable people are hungry for help, proactive in pursuing input and instruction. They want to learn. They deeply appreciate, honor, respect and respond positively to the “teachers” in their lives. They have “ears to hear” and “hearts to grow.”

What about you? Are you a teachable person?

When you’re teachable you learn. When you learn you grow. When you grow, your life is enlarged, your relationships improve and your usefulness to God increases!

Pastor Dale