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Test Taking

| 1:10 MIN READ |

At a certain point in school, all kids become familiar with the dreaded phrase, “pop quiz.” It’s the moment the teacher gives an unannounced test on a subject you’re supposed to know. “Pop quizzes” are real-time opportunities to demonstrate your attentiveness to study and the grasp of information that has been taught.

Every good teacher uses tests. It’s impossible to know what a student is actually learning without them. And every good teacher is thrilled when a student passes a test. Nothing is quite as satisfying to a teacher as knowing that your students are getting it!

God is a teacher. As a teacher, He gives tests too. He tests us to help us know what’s really important. He tests us to help us see our progress and to gain insight into our needed areas of improvement. A wise student appreciates tests.

Are you in a spiritual testing time? Are you feeling the pressure and stress of challenges and circumstances? Don’t be discouraged. Look for what you can learn. Become a better student. Ask God to give you wisdom to understand the things you need to understand and gain the character and capacities critical to your future!

Pastor Dale