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Tune In

| 1:24 MIN READ |

How do you find your favorite radio station? You tune in.

In past years, you tuned in to your desired station by carefully turning your radio dial. Often it was a tedious process. Getting the dial to precisely the right frequency was essential to receiving the clearest signal and best listening experience. If your dial was slightly off, you had to deal with lots of static and bleed-over from other stations. Thankfully, digital tuning has solved these issues!

Hearing God is more like analog tuning than digital. It requires some effort and careful attention. We have to “dial-in” to the Holy Spirit’s voice.

A young boy in the Bible learned this lesson. His name was Samuel. You can read about his experience learning to listen to God in 1 Samuel 3:1-10. God sought Samuel’s attention, but Samuel had to learn to listen for God’s voice.

God is always seeking our attention. He wants to talk to you. I don’t mean this in strange or weird ways. His voice is heard through His Word, and through reminders of His Word throughout the day. This means that we must get His Word inside us, so, in key life moments, the Holy Spirit can whisper God’s promises and instructions back to us.

Are you getting God’s Word in you? Are you listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit reminding you of God’s Word throughout the day? Let’s all learn to tune in to the frequency of heaven!

Pastor Dale