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Windshield or Rearview Mirror?

| 1:34 MIN READ |

It’s often been said that people live their lives looking in one of two possible directions: some live life facing forward — looking through the big windshield of the present and future. Others are living life backward. They are driving their lives with their eyes focused on the rearview mirror — the past.

Living in the past will always keep you from your best life and future. Think of the consequences of trying to drive forward with your eyes focused backward. It’s an accident waiting to happen!

There’s a lady in the Bible who paid a high price for a backward focused vision. She’s known as “Lot’s wife.” When God told Lot and his family to leave Sodom and Gomorrah because of the coming judgment against these cities, He specifically told them to head out of town and never to look back. God was reminding them to leave behind the past and move toward their future.

Sadly, Lot’s wife disobeyed these instructions. We’re told what happened as a result in Genesis 19:26 (NIV) “But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.” Many years later, Jesus used this event to remind us of the importance of forward vision. Look at three simple words spoken by our Savior in Luke 17:32 (NIV) “Remember Lot’s wife!” Looking back hinders us. People pay a high price for living a life focused on the past!

What about you? Does your focus need to change? Are you preoccupied with the pain of your past, the mistakes of your past, or perhaps the glory of your past? Shift your focus forward to the present and future. You’ll discover God there!

Pastor Dale