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One of the great joys of pastoring people is watching them grow and be used by God.  It is so exciting to see people moving forward in their faith and using their God-given gifts to serve God and others.

God’s work in our world is a wonderful work, and it calls us all to active participation.  Every believer has a part to play and a job to do.  Every believer is important to God and the advancing of His Kingdom.  Every believer can make a positive impact for Jesus Christ.

What is required to become such a believer — to be someone who is used by God to make a difference in our world? To be used by God there are at least three prerequisites.

The Lord is looking for people who are:


A faithful person can be counted on.  They are learning to live life on the basis of commitment rather than emotions.  They show up when they say they are going to show up and do the things they have committed themselves to do.  They have learned the value of doing little things well.  They have developed consistency in their relationship with God; love and loyalty in their relationships with others.


Availability as a spiritual principle means that we are at God’s disposal.  We are willing to do whatever He asks us to do.  We have freely volunteered ourselves to help, serve and support the work of God’s Kingdom whenever and in whatever way we are needed.


Teachability is a attitude that hungers to grasp and apply God’s truth.  It starts with the awareness that none of us are all we want to be or know all that we need to know about God and His Word.  This awareness stimulates in us a willingness to listen and learn, to study and practice the lessons and principles of Scripture, getting God’s Word into our hearts, not just our heads.  A teachable spirit gives us a passion to grow.

God is looking for people He can use.  He wants you to join His team and to help get His work done in the world.  His qualifications for usable believers are simple; be faithful, available and teachable.  It is amazing what God can and will do through people like this!

Pastor Dale