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Vision or Sight

| 1:23 MIN READ |

Helen Keller, an American writer and teacher who happened to be both deaf and blind, made this powerful statement, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision.”

There are many people with perfect eyesight, but very little spiritual insight. They lack vision of God, His Word, His will, and His work in their lives.

During Jesus’ day, there was a group of people who were well-schooled in theology. They knew God’s laws and rules, but they had no vision of Him in their hearts. Jesus had some tough things to say to them. Look at two examples of Jesus’ words about them:

Matthew 13:13-15 (NIV) “… Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand … they have closed their eyes …”

Matthew 15:14 (NIV) “… they are blind guides …”

On the other hand, Jesus commended those who had spiritual insight. In Matthew 13:16 (NIV), we find these words of the Savior to His followers, “But blessed are your eyes because they see …”

Many blessings in life are linked to the level of our spiritual vision. People with good spiritual vision see and believe in God’s love, God’s promises, God’s grace, God’s truth, and God’s power. They are more influenced by what they see in the unseen world of God’s Kingdom than by what they see in the seen world around them. Their gaze is heavenward!

What about you? How’s your spiritual vision?

Pastor Dale