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When We’re Afraid

Recently we were out for a meal with our children and grandchildren. We were at a restaurant that has a store mascot dressed in an animal costume that walks around greeting kids. Most of the children think it’s great. In their imaginations they are getting the incredible opportunity to see a cartoon-like character come to life.

When this character appeared near our table during our recent visit, I noticed that my two year old grand-daughter was not very happy about it. Something about this costumed creature frightened her. In short order, she was in my lap clingly tightly to my neck. She wanted to be close to someone who would protect her, and I was more than glad to oblige. She was comforted by my presence and perfectly content to view the mascot from a safe distance. My reassurance assuaged her fears and calmed her spirit.

As I reflected on Jadyn’s timid reaction to a person in a silly animal costume, I couldn’t help but think about us and our relationship with God.

How many times do we see, what appears to us to be intimidating things, show up in our lives. At these times, rational and reasonable thinking deserts us. All we are left with is fear and a deep desire to be comforted and protected.

When we are intimidated by life, it is great to know that God stands ready for us to run to Him, cast ourselves into His arms and tightly cling to Him. When we do this, He doesn’t upbraid us. He doesn’t ridicule our fears. He simply welcomes us with a warm embrace and provides us the sense of security we need.

The psalmist understood this truth, and practiced it. Take a look at how he handled his fears:

“When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” — Psalm 56:3

His antidote for fear was trust in God!

Is something frightening you? Run to your Heavenly Father and cling to Him. You’re safe and secure in His arms!

Pastor Dale