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All In?

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Passion, enthusiasm, commitment, dedication, endurance — these words describe admirable qualities in someone. They show that someone is “all in.”

We often speak of people being “into” certain things. “He’s ‘into’ football.” Or “She’s ‘into’ fitness.”, etc. When we use this term in this way we’re describing our observations of others. We see the amount of time someone gives something. How often they bring it up in conversations. The discipline they show in pursuing this thing in their life. Actions and conversations reveal how important something is to us. When we are “into” something, we’re “all in.” The way we live testifies to it.

Jesus reminded us of the “all in” principle. One day He was asked a question about “all in” living. Take a look at the question and His answer in Mark 12:28-31 (TPT) “Now a certain religious scholar overheard them debating. When he saw how beautifully Jesus answered all their questions, he posed one of his own, and asked him, ‘Teacher, which commandment is the greatest of all?’ Jesus answered him, ‘The most important of all the commandments is this: ‘The Lord Yahweh, our God, is one!’ You are to love the Lord Yahweh, your God, with every passion of your heart, with all the energy of your being, with every thought that is within you, and with all your strength. This is the great and supreme commandment. And the second is this: ‘You must love your neighbor in the same way you love yourself.’ You will never find a greater commandment than these.’”

Jesus said, “You need to be ‘into’ loving God and loving others. Be all in!” You know you’re all in by the way you live. It’s seen in your choices and conversations.

Gospel music artist Jonathan McReynolds expressed well the “all in” life for Jesus in his great song, “Make Room.” Look at some of the lyrics:

“I find space for what I treasure
And I make time for what I want
I choose my priorities and
Jesus, You’re my number one

So I will make room for You
I will prepare for two
So You don’t feel that You
Can’t live here
Please live in me”

What a powerful way to say to Jesus, “I’m all in with You!”

Are you “all in” with Him?

Pastor Dale