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Difficult People

Are there any difficult people in your life? The word “difficult” means “hard to deal with or manage; hard to understand.” (Merriam-Webster) This word describes people we sometimes have to deal with. Some folks are difficult. They are hard to understand; hard to handle, challenging to be around. They may be moody, manipulative, aggressive, blamers, shamers, haters or naysayers. Being around people like this potentially takes a toll on us. We need wisdom in our interactions with them.

A key to dealing with difficult people is to avoid the trap of reaction. Jesus taught us this principle. Look at what He said in Matthew 5:39 (GW) “But I tell you not to oppose an evil person. If someone slaps you on your right cheek, turn your other cheek to him as well.”

What did Jesus mean by this? He certainly wasn’t suggesting that we tolerate destructive behavior by others. He was giving us a lesson in self-control. He was reminding us of the power and importance of restraint. He was teaching us to respond well to others, especially when we’re tempted to react poorly to them.

When you’re around a difficult person, don’t let their attitudes and actions determine yours! Respond well, don’t react poorly.

Pastor Dale