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How stubborn are you? Before you answer, think about the word for a moment. A stubborn person has a strong resistance to change. They’re set in their ways, fixed in their opinions, and unmoving in their judgments. They refuse to change their thoughts, habits, and behavior, even when they are restricting their process or damaging others. Stubborn people are stuck people. But unfortunately, they don’t usually even know it. Stubborn people are also sick people. They can’t function to their fullest capacity because of their refusal to change.

Where there are certain biblical, moral, ethical and relational convictions that should be solidly fixed and uncompromised in us, there are also things about us that need to change. The pages of the Bible are filled with calls to change, calls to let go of stubbornness and resistance and cooperate with God and others. There are sinful, destructive and dysfunctional things in all of us that need to change. Don’t let stubbornness rob you of the changes that will improve the content of your character and the quality of your life!

Pastor Dale