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Don’t Let Your Disappointments Get You Down

| 1:07 min read |

What’s disappointed you recently? Sometimes we’re disappointed by people. Promises and commitments are made that aren’t fulfilled. We’re also disappointed by circumstances. We expected things to happen a certain way at certain times, only to experience something very different.

Disappointments are the result of unfulfilled expectations. When something doesn’t happen the way we anticipated, we’re let down, disheartened and discouraged. If we don’t process it well, we can become cynical, untrusting and bitter.

Part of what helps us overcome the pain of disappointments is to transfer our hopes and expectations from people and circumstances to God. When all our hope is in people or events, we are on very shaky ground. We need a hope that transcends sources other than God. We need a secure hope in Him.

Look at what the psalmist says about this in Psalm 62:5 (NIV) “Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him.”

Are you disappointed about someone or something? Don’t let your disappointments get you down. Look up to God. Remember that He is still in control and you can trust Him!

Pastor Dale