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Know Your Season

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I’m blessed to live in a part of the world that experiences all four seasons. In Maryland, USA, our Fall colors are gorgeous, Winter is cold and occasionally snowy, Spring is alive with fragrant blossoms, and Summer –– well, Summer is humid and hot! Approximately every three months, things change.

Life has seasons too. Knowing the seasons is one key to living a successful and fulfilling life. Missing or misinterpreting a season can have a negative long-term impact on us.

The writer of Proverbs reminds us of the importance of knowing seasons, and using them well in Proverbs 20:4 (Msg) “A farmer too lazy to plant in the spring has nothing to harvest in the fall.”

This verse points out something every farmer gets. There are agricultural seasons. What you do in one season affects what happens in the next season. Plowing, sowing, cultivating, harvesting and resting are the cycles of farming. If you don’t understand this, you’ll not be in business very long. If the farmer doesn’t know the difference between plowing and harvesting seasons, the right work won’t be performed at the right time, and failure will be the result.

Different seasons require different tools and equipment. They also require different kinds of work processes. When the right work is done the right way, at the right time, we’re set up for success!

Pay attention to the seasons of your life. Do the right things, in the right ways, at the right time, and you can expect a fruitful life!

Pastor Dale