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Negative No More

Philippians 2:14  Do everything without grumbling or arguing …

Sometimes the smallest things can have a major impact in life. Small things like the little things we think and say, the little habits we develop in our inner world and personal relationships matter a lot.

The Bible reminds us of two negative habits we can fall prey to that reduce the joy of life and our influence for God and good – grumbling and arguing.

Grumbling is the regular expression of unhappiness, verbal protests, whisperings, irritation and dissatisfaction over disappointed expectations; expressed discontentment with one’s lot in life.

Arguing refers to contentious dialogue, expressed doubts, defensive discussions; bickering with and “biting” others.

God says that we’re to do “everything” without these things being part of our thinking, speaking and relating.

“Everything” means “the whole; all; every part.” All of life needs to be lived with real gratitude rather than grumbling. It needs to be lived in a mode of peace and peacemaking, rather than in arguing, contention and strife.


Perhaps the reason our lives are so drained of energy, enthusiasm and impact is because of all our complaining and conflict. Is it possible that these negative activities are undermining your happiness and success?

Grumbling and arguing are choices, and they often become habits. They become a part of how we think, talk and live. Because of this, our energy and spiritual impact is weakened and potentially forfeited completely. They are negative because no good comes from them!

What’s the solution? How do we turn these attitudes and actions off? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Become more aware of your thoughts and words.
  • Understand that complaining and contention are enemies that need to be aggressively attacked.
  • Write out a gratitude list, review it and talk about the things you’re thankful for regularly.
  • Value peace with people over proving your point with them. Look for ways to build up others instead of tearing them down, or apart!
  • Decide, as for me and my house – NO MORE NEGATIVE!

Pastor Dale