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Peaceful and Productive

One of the most admirable qualities a person can develop is commitment. The willingness and wisdom to make and keep strong commitments to the right things often is the difference between a productive, successful, significant life and a mediocre or meaningless life.

What does commitment look like?

Committed people:

  • Are planted and rooted.

Committed people do not float from place to place or relationship to relationship.  They put down roots.  They are solidly planted in their marriage, their responsibilities and their loyalties.  They do not spend life’s precious time restlessly prowling  for something other than what they have.  They put their whole heart into the people and opportunities God has given to them.

  • Understand the power and importance of longevity.

You have heard the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” This speaks of the need for patience and long-term investment in building anything great and lasting.  Committed people understand this.

  • Are settled in their hearts and keep their word.

Some folks are double-minded.  Their commitment level varies with their emotions or with the romance, glamor and appeal of other options that come their way.  While “committed” to one thing, folks like this are continually flirting with other things.  They are unsettled.

Truly committed people are single-minded.  Their hearts are settled.

You can trust the words of a committed person because of the settledness of their heart.  A double-minded heart produces a double tongue.  A person with a single-minded heart speaks with integrity and keeps their promises.

  • Can be counted on.

One of the dictionary definitions for commitment refers to battle.  We hear of military troops being “committed” to combat missions.  What a great use of the word.

Soldiers going to battle must have incredible commitment.  They put their lives on the line for their country.  And we gratefully count on them to do their job in keeping us safe and defending our freedom.

Committed people are like this.  You can count on them.  These are the people you want beside you in battle.  These are the kind of people you want to do life with!

  • Are peaceful and productive.

Committed people have a peace about them.  Their peaceful spirit makes them highly productive.

In the Old Testament book of Isaiah, the prophet Isaiah spoke of a kind of leader God was going to raise up for the people of Judah during a very critical time in her history.  God said that one of the characteristic of this man would be his depth of commitment:

“I will drive him in like a peg into a firm place … ”  —  Isaiah 22:23

In the midst of a wishy-washy world, this man stood out because of his commitment!  The right commitments were driven deeply into  his heart.

How about you?  Are you a peg driven into a firm place?  Are you making and keeping the right commitments?

Settled, committed people are peaceful and productive.  They make a difference!

Pastor Dale