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The Peace Process

Every marriage and family has moments of stress and tension.  Personality differences, the pressures of life, along with disappointed expectations and poor communication all make relationships challenging and painful at times.  Strained relationships take their toll.  The result can be a growing emotional distance and, potentially, significant distrust, disharmony and division.  But this doesn’t have to be the case.  If handled the right way, if quickly resolved, conflict can give way to growth and deeper intimacy.

For this kind of growth to happen, we must learn and apply the relationship principles that get us there.  The best place to learn these principles is the Bible.  God’s Word is the supreme relationship manual.  It not only teaches us how to love and follow God, it shows us how to love the people around us.  It shepherds us in processes that restore peace and resolve conflicts.  It guides us down the pathway of forgiveness.  It teaches us how to patiently and graciously forbear the weaknesses and idiosyncrasies of others.  It directs us to a life of love, mercy and maturity.

This weekend at Church of the Redeemer we’ll be looking at some of the biblical truths that strengthen our relationships as we continue our message series “I Want A Happy Family!” The focus of this weekend’s teaching is “The Peace Process.” We’ll see what God has to say about restoring and keeping peace in our marriages and families.

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Plan to be with us this weekend, and bring along a friend.  I look forward to seeing you!

Pastor Dale