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Time For A Reset?

When was the last time you were lost? In this age of GPS, lostness is not as common as it used to be.

Recently I was driving to an unfamiliar location. I put the address information into the navigation app on my phone and headed out in confidence that I would get where I needed to go. But something unexpected happened. For some reason, the system I was relying on to give me direction failed. After a couple of u-turns and some very confusing instructions from the computerized voice talking to me, I started feeling uncomfortable. I had the sense that something wasn’t right with the guidance I was receiving. I had that sinking feeling inside that said, “You’re lost!”

After a few moments of concern, I remembered the power of recalibration. I shut down the GPS app and restarted the phone. I knew that everything needed to be reset. For some reason, totally unknown to me, something was off in the system, and the reboot was the cure.

It worked. When I restarted the program, re-entered the address and began the navigation again, everything worked as it was supposed to. The reset got me back on track. It brought me out of lostness into a sure direction again.

Many times in our life journey we get off track. Through the busyness of life, the influence of wrong thinking, wrong people, wrong priorities, or whatever, our internal sense of direction is confused. We end up wandering into territory we shouldn’t be in. We start listening to voices that misguide us. And before long, we have that sinking feeling that says, “You’re lost!”

What we need in times like these is a spiritual reset — a spiritual reboot. We need to recalibrate with God, His Word, His people, His priorities, and His heart. We need to slow down long enough to get back on track with the voice of heaven.

Is it time for a spiritual recalibration in your life? The Lord is ready to reset you if you will open your heart to Him!

Pastor Dale