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Time To Rest

If you’ve ever been restlessness, you know that it’s a terrible, frustrating condition.  It’s the inability to find rest.  Restlessness comes in many forms and robs us of many blessings.

Physical restlessness causes us to toss and turn through the night.  A restless mind or body can deny us the sleep we desperately want and need.

Some people suffer from spiritual, emotional and relational restlessness.  They never get settled and satisfied in any relationship or place for very long.  They’re constantly looking for that one person, job, city or church that will make them happy.  They never realize that the real issues causing their unhappiness are inside them.

Restless people are rarely satisfied people.  Restless souls are troubled souls.  Without personal peace — without contentment on the inside — nothing or no one will ever be able to meet the expectations, wants or needs of a restless person.

The solution for restlessness is rest.  To rest is to settle down in a committed position.  It’s to relax and embrace.  Rest is an internal attitude with wonderful external consequences.  It’s the result of trust.  It’s the result of “plantedness.”

The psalmist David understood his need for a restful heart.  David recognized that the condition of his soul was the key to health and happiness in his life.  If he could find rest in his soul, he could be at peace in any circumstance he experienced.

Take a look at his words:

My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.  —  Psalm 62:1 (NIV)

David found his rest in God.  He knew that only God could cure the restlessness in him.  There were no relationships, no places, no possessions, no life experiences or “perfect” situations that would give him the kind of rest he really needed.  David said, “My soul finds rest in God alone …”

Are you wrestling with restlessness?  Even if you’re not conscious of restless feelings, take look at the symptoms.  Are there signs of it in your life?

Don’t fall for the age-old trap of trying to solve restlessness through people, places and things.  God is the only true source of rest.  He knows how to settle the restless, discontented soul.  Confront this thief in you and determine to drive its controlling power from your life!

Pastor Dale