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When Life Is Hard

LIfe is filled with all kinds of circumstances and experiences.  Sometime it gets hard.  In a short period of time life can dramatically change from “good” to “bad,” for “easy” to “tough.”  All it takes is one phone call, one doctor’s report or one negative interaction with someone to change the emotional climate in our “world” from sunshine to rain.  It’s important for us to know how to handle times like these.  We need to know what to do when life gets hard for us.

This weekend we begin an important new  teaching series at Church of the Redeemer“WHAT TO DO WHEN …” This Saturday and Sunday we’ll find answers that help us know what to do “When Life Is Hard.” Don’t miss this important teaching.  It will give you some valuable spiritual equipment for a strong and successful new year.

This would also be a great time to invite someone to join you for church.  Maybe you know someone that’s going through a hard time right now.  Encourage them to come with you for this special teaching.  Your invitation can change someone’s life!

Join us this weekend at any of our campuses: Gaithersburg, Frederick, Spanish or online.  For campus service times, directions and more information check out the Church of the Redeemer website.

I look forward to seeing you!

Pastor Dale